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Subbuteo Brazil - BSA Brazilian Subbuteo Asdociation
Subbuteo Brazil - BSA Brazilian Subbuteo Asdociation

Not just a hobby...
a Game
Not just a game
a Sport

Share our love for the Sport of Subbuteo

About Us

Our example background


While many athletes started competing as children, I didn't find my sport until a high school PE class. I immediately took to it. By the end of my junior year, I was attending national tournaments and training as hard as I could. Now, I am out of school and training full time. Every day feels like a gift. I am grateful to my family and to my supporters for making this possible. 

Support Team


Our support team consists of coaches, referees, personel, technical support Experts, volunteers, members of out families. It also includes people like you. Sign up for m

our newsletter below and learn how to support us on our road to victory. You will get messages from ud while we are on the road and updates on out training

Subbuteo Brazil's Winning Philosophy


We believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together. While we are very competitive, we also want to support all the competitors as we strive to make the sport of Subbuteo great. We work every day to better ourselves and to better the gam



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Our supporters mean the world to us. Do you have questions or comments about our organization? Send ud a message, and we will get back to you soon.

Subbuteo Brazil - Brazilian Subbuteo Asdociation

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365 ish 

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